there is more opportunity for you than ever ...

The WBE Canada Expo presents an unparalleled opportunity to create new partnerships, meet prospective buyers, and broaden your connections with over 500 attendees including women business owners, government officials, Fortune 1000 corporations, Government officials, and supplier diversity champions!


why exhibit?


grow your network

By investing in a booth, you set yourself apart from other businesses and position yourself for enhanced visibility and opportunities. This affords you the chance to truly showcase and demonstrate your products and services, creating a distinct advantage during the conference.


showcase your brand

Having a booth at a tradeshow gives your business a physical presence, increasing brand visibility, product knowledge and recognition. Attendees become more familiar with your brand and are more likely to remember your products or services when they have requirements now or in the future.


attract new leads

Tradeshow attendees often visit booths to learn about new solutions, innovative ideas or offerings. By showcasing your products or services, you can attract potential leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


showcase innovations

If your business offers innovative products or services, a tradeshow booth can provide the perfect platform to demonstrate these innovations firsthand, capturing the attention of attendees and potential stakeholders.


available exhibitor booths



regular price


early bird price

What's Included?

Half a table

1 chair

1 conference registration




regular price


early bird price

What's Included?

1 table

2 chairs

2 conference registrations




regular price


early bird price

What's Included?

Real estate in lobby

Open for entire conference

1 table

2 chairs