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Rethink. Redefine. Repower. Disruptive Sales Strategies for a Changing Era in Winning Corporate Clients
With Phil Dyer

Phil DyerWe’ve entered a new era in selling to corporate clients — one where priorities shift minute by minute. Where internal consensus building is elusive. And where entire organizations are reshaping how business is done — from their revenue models to their internal processes to the introduction of advanced technologies that will affect just about everything.

Because of that, it’s incumbent upon women business owners to come to the decision-maker table more prepared and with smarter strategies than ever before.

In this content-rich, deep-dive workshop, Phil Dyer, Executive Vice President of The Corporate Agent, will arm participants with three competitive edges they can immediately leverage to more successfully navigate the corporate buying table, while also creating more transformative, results-driven engagements for their corporate customers.

The session will cover three mission-critical aspects of winning corporate clients today: Building & Aligning Internal Consensus; Co-Creating the Right Solution; and Closing the Sale By Driving Long-Term Value for Customers. The session includes hard-hitting data points, brass tacks strategies, and engaging real-world case studies — along with ample time for discussion.

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