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Congratulations! Your Company Is Certified! What’s Next? How Will You Make Certification Work for You?
With Patricia Muir

Patricia MuirOver the past two decades of guiding more than 200 businesses through the process of certification in various business models and compliance programs, I have witnessed exhilaration and celebration quickly dissolve into dissolution and disappointment when results fall short of expectations.

I tell my clients, “Certification is like a ticket to the dance. You have to show-up. AND, you have to dance.”

Preparing for the dance can be arduous. Where to start? Getting someone on your dance card is laden with anxiety and feelings of vulnerability. Sometimes you just don’t want to show up or you don’t have/make time. However, if you don’t prepare and you don’t show up consistently, your investment in the ticket is lost.

This presentation is for you if you are:

  • A new WBE asking “What’s next?”
  • A veteran WBE exploring how to make certification work best for your business and to achieve results beyond your expectations.

In this presentation, I will share my experience in developing an after-certification business development plan that includes next steps, best practices, and tools for:

  • Completing supplier/partner directories and portals – from delegating the task to overcoming the obstacles. You will receive a link to a template and a summary of best practices to make the task more efficient.
  • Preparing for events and putting your best foot forward.
  • Preparing your capability statement and communicating your value. Effective networking and being a good networking partner.
  • Consistent engagement and follow-up to stay top-of-mind within the supplier-diversity community.

Also, learn about:

  • How to prepare for the new database and Business-to-Government platform launching early in 2019. Time to review and refine your profile with keywords.
  • New strategies for showcasing and featuring WBEs at events and online.
  • New training for WBEs for building business capabilities including creating a strong financial foundation and scaling your business.
  • New initiatives to encourage WBE to WBE networking for informal mentorship and introduction to Tier 1 WBEs with intent to facilitate quick wins for WBEs at every level.
  • Progress in educating corporations, government, and partners on supplier-diversity best practices. We are all in this together.

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