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Learn to Focus on Purpose, Processes and People to Drive Profits
With Athena Taddei

Athena TaddeiOnce upon a time (in 1975), the S&P 500 showed that companies were valued based on their tangible assets, which at that time was 83%, leaving the intangible market value of a company at only 17%.
(based on the research from Ocean Tomo)

Today, companies are now valued based on their intangible assets, which is now estimated at 82%, while the tangible market value of a company has dropped to only 18%, based on that very same S&P 500.

So why has a company’s value reversed? The answer is quite simple…you can duplicate the tangible!

Anyone can buy property, vehicles, hardware, equipment, import what you import, have the same access to talent, and hire companies overseas to make what you make at a fraction of the cost.

However, no one can duplicate your mission, vision, values, processes, and especially not your relationships with your employees and your customers.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Which non-tangible areas of your business can differentiate you from the competition
  • How each of these areas work together, to drive profits
  • What this means when doing business with larger corporations

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